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Now that you've roasted and saved the roast, you can make a custom label for it. Choose File=>Print Label from the Roast Results page.

The File menu lets you Save, Abandon and Print lables.
The Edit menu lets you copy the lable to the clipboard so you may past it into Word or another program for formatting. You may also copy the fields one at a time by double clicking on a field.
The Fields menu lets you choose which fields you'd like displayed on the label.
The View menu lets you choose between displaying the field names and displaying the field contents.
The Label menu lets you choose between 4 different label designs. If a lable has never been saved, selecting it will keep the current layout, once a lable has been saved selecting it will bring up the last saved version.

The bottom section allows you to set up Top and Left margins, inter label spacing and number of lables across and down in case you want to print more than one lable at a time.