Here you'll find links to other user's roast histories. These are still Version 2 files so if you want to look at them in Version 3, you'll need to chose Utilities=>Database=>Update VDB3 file.

Yakster: Yakster's Database

Yakster's database of Behmor roasts. I started roasting with the Behmor with RoasterThing and have enjoyed the ability to understand the roaster and log my roasts. I prefer African's and strong, bold flavors, the Wife, not so much.

Bonnie: Bonnie's Database

Bonnie's database of Behmor roasts. I finally roasted my 100th roast on RoasterThing , so I'm giving you my database to share on your website.  I roast plenty of decaf and a variety of regular coffees.  I started out roasting mainly 8 ounce batches, but have slowly changed to 12 ounce batches of the decaf. For my 12 ounce batches, I typically use a 2 minute preheat cycle. Most of my roasts I attempt to get into the range Tom recommends, so most of them I try to get to C+.  I roast almost everything on P2.

coffee_couple: coffee_couple's database

Description: I'm a coffee tech geek, roasting my own coffee for 8 years now. Having fun doing it. Just started using RoasterThing and wanted to share my results so far.

Ira: Ira's Database

I wrote RoasterThing and this is a file of my roasts. There's a lot to look at, but no notes, well except Tom's notes from the Sweet Maria's web site, no cupping, just lots of roasts. I'm a much better software author than I am a coffee roaster, though hopefully that will change in the future. An earlier version of this database is included as the sample file when you install RoasterThing. This database is current as of 2/1/2015 and contains all the FrankenBehmor roasts to date. A few will not make sense because the probe caught the drum and left the coffee. That doesn't happen any more.