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This is the RoasterThing home page.

The Changes tab up at the top will always have the latest information about RoasterThing.

I intend RoasterThing to be the best tool for coffee roasters there is. If you think it's missing something that would allow it to be this for you, please let me know. The pieces that's are not there that I'm currently pondering are Customers, orders and roast consolidation and QuickBooks integration. if those would help you, I'd love to know your thoughts. RoasterThing starts with a very complete system for keeping track of your green coffee inventory. From the inventory you may then Roast coffee, either one coffee at a time or via the blend builder. RoasterThing is designed to let you easily see the roast profile you're about to use, to save the settings for future review and to add comments after the roast to describe your results or if it's not a Behmor, it lets you record almost everything about the roast including the temperature profile. On the green coffee side, it lets you keep track of your inventory, almost automatically adding and reordering coffees purchased from Sweet Maria's. Designing, building and roasting blends is automated and reasonably simple. RoasterThing was originally written to help me understand what the heck was going on during a roast and hopefully with the addition of the history, learn and become better at creating exceptional roasts. If you think that there's something I can do to improve its ability to do that for you or if you find that something doesn't work the way you think it should or the way I say it does, please let me know.

And using CrossOver, you can now run RoasterThing on the Mac, links and discount codes on the Get RoasterThing page.