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Both the coffee list and the roast history have the menu options Edit=>Copy * to Clipboard and Edit=>Add * from Clipboard. These are intended to allow you to copy a roast or coffee from one databse to another.

This functionality works because it's possible to open more than one file at a time. It's not obvious how to do that, but if you open a database and then open the coffee list you'll notice that the title of the window is something like "Coffee Inventory UserName". If you leave that open and then open a second database using File=>Open and then Choose Coffee->Coffee Inventory you'll now have 2 Coffee Inventory windows open, one that says "Coffee Inventory UserName" and another that says "Coffee Inventory OtherName." If you then select a coffee in one list and choose Edit=>Copy Coffee to Clipboard, then select the other list and choose Edit=>Add Coffee from Clipboard, you will find the coffee has been copied from one table to the other. The same functionality works in the Roast List.

Like a number of things, this was a wonderful idea that will most likely end up being unused. I had hoped that vendors would supply a database of all their coffees that we could peruse and then copy over the coffees we purchase. No vendor ever did that and Sweet Maria's made it possible for me to add coffees via the internet and that was the vendor I was most concerned about.