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This allows you to enter all the information about a coffee. If you've checked "Show Coffee Orders" on Utilities=>Preferences=>More, there will be an orders tab so you may keep track of multiple purchases of the exact same coffee. I occasionally get the question, I'm buying the same coffee from the same farm but it's a different crop or a different year, what do I do? My suggestion is you add the year to the coffee name so you can differentiate between the different years. The question comes up because the program will not allow you to have two coffee's with the same name. If you think there is a better way to solve this problem, I'm open to suggestions.

If you choose File=>Add SM Coffee this appears where the cupping button is.

After adding the SM SKU from your invoice, in this case my invoice shows 3434-5. We only want the first part as the -5 indicates 5 pounds and is not really part of the SKU so I'll just put in 3434 and press Go which results in this: