User Defined Profiles

If you're not using a Behmor or you have a suitable hacked Behmor you'll likely not find the Behmor settings much use. If you go to Utilities=>Preferences=>Settings and check Hide Behmor Features you will suddenly see this tab page appear on the Roast Coffee page.

On the Right you'll se a list of profiles and on the lower left you'll see a visual representation of the profile and above that the boxes you'll use to define your profiles. The assumption is that a profile consists of a set of time and temperature targets and each segment has a suggested heat and air setting. You're allowed up to 9 segments per profile. The first segment, always marked "PreHeat" is used to bring the roaster up to temperature. It has no time because it can run from a very long time if you're starting from cold to almost instantly if you've just dumped a batch of beans to cool and are about to drop the next batch to roast. The box in the upper right, shown here is used to follow the profile during the roast:

The Control Setting box shows the control settings you've suggested for this segment. The Segment Times box shows the time in the segment and the suggested time to finish the segment. The Temperature box shows both the current temperature and the distance to the target. The picture is wrong. The giant Next Segment button advances the to the next segment. and updates the suggested Control Settings and both timers.