Temperature logging and roaster control

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Well, I've been promising this for a while and I finally had the camera set up with a decent backdrop.

One of these boards connected to your computer will allow you to monitor and record the temperature at 2 different places during a roast. The row of 8 holes next to the silver USB connector will eventually allow controlling a roaster from within Roaster thing.

The row of eight holes next to the USB connector are seven outputs and a ground. Five of the outputs are either on or off, perfect for controlling things like fans or the afterburner in a Behmor. The other two outputs are PWM and their on time is adjustable from full off to full on in 128 steps. Here is a preview of what the profile designer will look like. For the moment you will be able to assign the outputs for each step and the during the roast you'll be able to manually adjust them on the fly. Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to have the program adjust the roast automatically.

The drivers for the board are in the RoasterThing program folder. That's most likely one of the following two folders:

C:\Program Files\RoasterThing
C:\Program Files(X86)\RoasterThing

The board requires "K" type thermocouples. The one's I use in the Behmor came from eBay and cost under $5. Search for "thermocouple K". The pictures with the yellow two prong connector described as "miniature" will most likely fit. Some of the really cheap ones I got needed just a bit of work with a file to make them fit the sockets.

I use Kapton tape to hold one of the thermocouples in place. The tape I use came from Deal Exteme. I used this tape:

20mm Kapton Tape

Once you're there, a search for "high temperature tape" will show you everything they stock. In general, wider is better. While Kapton is rated for high temperature, I try to make sure it's between the chaff tray and the base and not exposed to the highest temperatures. My tape has been through many roasts, 100 or more, and it's still working fine.

RT supports multiple temperature logging boards in case you want to run multiple roasts at a time. Also, it supports driving the outputs in case you want to try and do something with that.

Before RoasterThing will recognize a RT PCB you'll need to go to Utilities=>Preferences=>Measure=>Temperature and tell RT you have a RT PCBs

The board logs 2 temperatures continuously, here you can see the log of one of my roasts. If you don't use a Behmor and wonder why the temperature is so odd, well, I've not gotten a probe into the beans yet and these are 2 environmental temperatures in the Behmor during a roast. This is a duplicated roast about to be started and it shows the temperature readings from the last roast so you can try to match the profile if you were happy with those results.

Whenever RT is communication with the PCB this dialog box will be somewhere. That box shows what the current state of the board is, both temperatures and on the later boards, the internal temperature of one of the chips on the board, shown as ambient. It also allows manually changing the outputs if you find your profile is not quite doing what you need.

Clicking the little arrow button in the upper right corner opens the dialog box so it shows a graph so you can watch the preheat progress.